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Proverbs 25:11

Friday, May 25, 2007

A great teaching site

I was told about this site from my Pastor.

In the past months I have been questioning some of the things that I allow and do in my life....I am asking GOD to show me my sin. IT is NOT easy.....it is part of the journey.

I would like to share this site with you:

I don't think any of us will agree with all the teachings on ANY given site..but like I have heard before......eat the watermelon, spit out the seeds....

So far I listened to the one by :
**The Language of a Chrisians Clothing**

I know some of you who read this blog...THINK you know what this teaching is about...but I challenge you...to take a few minutes....actually...almost a hour...and listen.....I think he hits the nail on the head .

Don't we as Christians just want to be WHO the Lord wants us to be...and to be willing to be changed...it is a matter of the heart.

as a PS:
IT has been 3 years today, that my dad, Billy Ray Vaughn went home to be with the Lord.......I miss you dad !!!! I look forward to seeing you one day....and mom and Billy too (that is my younger brother and my mom...both in Heaven for a little over a year)

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Susan said...

That's a great site! I have that tape too, and it's a good one. I like to put some good music or a sermon on my computer to listen to when I'm going to be in the same room where my computer is. Makes the time pass in a lovely way!