A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Proverbs 25:11

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ouch,ouch,ouch !

I am trying to get some relief from my
fibromyalgia and all that fibro does to ones body.
I am reading this book, my husband got it for me
from Amazon. I am so thankful he understands.
Part of this process will be having some blood testing done.
It is not covered by my insurance.
I was thinking today
"I can read this book, and then never heed it"
then... of course
I realized I do the same with the
My Bible
I know I am only fooling myself--and oh
what peace I give up by not being a doer of the WORD.
I am always learning lessons, sometimes(often)
I am a slow learner.
I am so thankful for God's grace and mercy..
and praying friends and family.


La Tea Dah said...

I think that what we eat really does make a difference. When you start discovering that some foods cause pain and others fight pain, it will be easy to give up the hurtful foods. There's a saying that nothing tasts as good as thin feels. I think it could be altered to something like ~ Nothing tastes as good as wellness feels. Don't you think? Best of success to you on this journey, Deby.

~ LaTeaDah ~

Cathy said...

Praying for you, Deby ~

Barbara said...

Amen Deb yes I have RA and suffer much from it too, yes if only we would heed the word, the wise word of God, he give us a complete instruction book to follow, but do we. Hugs Barbara

Maxine said...

You are not alone, Deby. It's a struggle all the way. So sorry for your continued pain. I need to remember you more in prayer, my dear. Praying for your every need.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying that you will find some relief from your pain!

I want to be a wise woman of God and need to be in the word more and to live it out!

Katie said...

Dear Deby,

Wonderful to get an update from you! :-) I stop by often, but don't always say hello like I should.

Seeing the book that your reading, it reminded me of my nutritionist's philosophy, and I just wanted to share my nutritionist's website with you...


I've never actually met her in person ~ I've just done phone consultations with her. She believes in healing (getting healthy and resolving many ailments) through nutrition. She has a wealth of information right on her website, and I know she has helped so many. I don't know if it's something you may want to check out, but just wanted to share in the chance it might be of any help, since I saw the type of book you were reading.

(I can tell you this lady is a believer (a pastor's wife) ~ she is an amazing woman and a fantastic nutritionist. She has helped me and several of my family members with varied health issues, and from what I gather, she helps people all around the world via phone.)

Anyway, may be some 'food' for thought...

(I'm a pharmacist ~ so I know medications have their place too!! But I always love to help people only use what is necessary if possible, and I, myself, prefer to not have to use medicine if something else will work.)

Blessings to you and yours,

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh Deby....I'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble. I'll be anxious to hear if the different foods help. I wonder if it has something to do with our weather lately?

Sending you big "feel better" hugs,

Tori said...

Well you just hit us all right between the eyes. It's so true. I was telling my friend about a book I found about housekeeping and how to make it easier and she told me, "I know what to do, I don't need help with that I need help doing what I know I should." Profound!

Have a great weekend Deby!

Miss Gracie's House said...

that is an ouch...one that we all deal with...and yes, aren't we so thankful for God's *patient* grace:)
THANK YOU for your sweet words of encouragement and prayers for me and my family...I was so blessed.
praying for you today...

Debbie said...

I am going to have to backtrack to figure out how I meandered to this blog. I'm glad that I did, though!

Interestingly... My name is Debbie,and I am short, chubby, have fibromyalgia, and married to my best friend. (um... from college, though) Oddly enough, our blog titles are taken from the same passage of scripture, too. I feel like a kindred soul.

Is there such a thing as a blog double?

I am definitely going to look up that book. I just gave my fibromyalgia book to a newly diagnosed friend and would love to restock my shelves with new advice.
The link between my diet and my fibro is glaringly obvious!

Anyway, thanks for the recommendation and glad to have meandered here.

I'll be back.

Vi Abing said...

It's not always easy finding the right words to comfort someone when they are in pain (either physical or emotional). So I'm lifing you up in prayer to God for his merciful arms to wrap you in His goodness. Love you! Vi